Evan Foster, started in Law Enforcement in 1975 serving in the United States Air Force Presidential Unit (1001st SPS) providing protection for President Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, The Queen of England as well as other domestic and foreign dignitaries.
Foster Protection has investigated for large corporations as well as individuals. Our services are unmatched in the profession. The details of some of our sensitive situations can only be discussed on a face to face meeting.  CALL US

We use
	- Specialized surveillance to fit different circumstances.
	- Simple as well as advanced surveillance techniques.

Services include
	•	Corporate & employee theft
	•	Surveillance 
	•	Undercover
	•	Electronic Countermeasures
	•	Workers' Comp & Insurance Fraud
	•	Locates / Missing Persons
	•	Caregiver Background Check
	•	Employee Background Check
	•	Asset Search
	•	Executive ProtectionCONTACT_US.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
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 Gather information
 Chart a course
 Bring to justice
Corporate Private Investigations Since 1982